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Everything You Didn’t Know About Epsom Salts

Epsom salts have been a part of this development, adopted as a well-known resource to aid in various health and wellness treatments.

Doctors have used integrative medicine to treat the mind and body for generations. Epsom salts have been a part of this development, adopted as a well-known resource to aid in various health and wellness treatments. Epsom salts are an affordable and easy-to-use solution to over-the-counter medications or expensive treatment options for ailments such as muscle soreness and stress.

Natural Medicinal Properties

Magnesium sulfate, a compound of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen, is already found in the body, making it a more natural, non-evasive remedy to common body ailments. The set of minerals initially discovered after the evaporation of mineral waters in Epsom, Surrey, England, rose to fame in the 17th century after the town developed one of the largest spas for society to use for medicinal purposes. Cowherd Henry Wicker realized the water his cows ventured through noticeably healed smaller wounds quickly, and his word about its healing properties spread worldwide.

A Salt that Isn’t Really Salt

Despite being named after a town and its commonly used saline springs, Epsom salts are not salt and are regularly confused with table salt. The taste, consistency and chemical compounds of Epsom salts and table salts are distinctly different. Table salt, generally used to make food taste better by adding flavor and promoting normal thyroid function if it contains a trace amount of iodine, is made up of sodium and chloride. While mixing table salt into water is harmless, the chemical makeup is salt, while Epsom salts are not considered actual salt.

This distinction is important because of the evident differences between the two when dissolved in water. The chemical compound that makes up Epsom salts releases magnesium and sulfate ions that can then be absorbed through the skin, creating profound health benefits that positively affect the body’s muscles, nerves and heart. Holistic treatments such as flotation therapy capitalize on this method by allowing the body to float in an Epsom salts soak for an hour, resulting in profound rest and relaxation.

Impact of Epsom Salts On The Body

Magnesium sulfate in water is primarily used as a channel to build proteins in the joints, brain tissues, and muscles while regulating the enzymatic system, including blood glucose and blood pressure. Because it’s the fourth most abundant mineral found in the body, it also works as a detox powerhouse that assists in flushing out bodily toxins. With a decrease in inflammation and driving out impurities, patients suffering from chronic pain like fibromyalgia, back pain and arthritis have also reported significant improvements in pain management with regular float therapy sessions—all thanks to Epsom salts. Additionally, magnesium is also known to help stabilize stress, anxiety, depression and even mood swings while also being great for the hair, skin and nails.

Epsom Salts And Float Therapy

Of course, during a flotation therapy session, the sensory deprivation and spa-like environment also work to induce inner healing and peace. Still, a large component is the power of magnesium. Researchers have agreed that regular floating is a safe and effective route to maintaining the necessary magnesium and sulfate levels to achieve optimal health.

With a long history and even greater understanding with the help of science, Epsom salts play a significant role in our mental and physical well-being. True REST Float Spa is committed to providing a luxurious environment that aids in achieving wellness with its use of Epsom salts. Over 1,000 pounds reis used in every float pod to ensure that each guest maximizes their opportunity to gain clarity, reduce stressors, and walk away, leaving refreshed and rejuvenated.

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