On a Personal Note

How I Got Started With Float Therapy

Learn how I got started in this industry and why it's my passion!

In 2015 I entered the health and wellness industry and discovered incredible tools to help others unlock their full potential. Every day, I see the transformations of people from holistic therapies like floating, and I coach new entrepreneurs to be in business for themselves, not by themselves. I discovered float therapy on Coronado Island where the Navy SEALS were using Float Pods as a holistic approach to PTSD and muscle recovery. Since then, it has been trusted by athletes, celebrities, and c-suite executives to achieve pain relief, relaxation and better sleep. Through the franchise model, we are making float therapy an accessible and approachable therapy for all, while helping people achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.

I’m a firm believer that you cannot be your best professionally if you are not at your best personally. As a former college athlete, I have learned how crucial an intentional health and wellness regimen are to success.  

Float therapy is the best holistic treatment with physical, mental and emotional benefits. The  fast-paced world today is full of distractions that impact our wellness. REST, which stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy, works by severely minimizing the impact of external forces – including gravity – on your body and mind giving you time to reset and recharge.

Furthermore, I regularly consult with innovative wellness brands looking to start a franchise or grow their existing model.

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