On a Personal Note

Get to Know Mandy Rowe

Learn more about me and why I'm passionate about the benefits of float therapy.

What I Do

I'm Mandy Rowe, and I am the Director of Franchise Development for True REST Float Spa, the world’s leading float therapy brand. I am extremely passionate about the multifaceted benefits of float therapy which  holistically treats stress, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, improves cognitive functions, increases blood circulation, provides better sleep and so much more – one 60-minute float at a time.

I’m passionate about helping others unlock their potential. Float therapy, which is trusted by athletes, celebrities, c-suite executives and more, has helped millions of people through its holistic healing properties. The best thing about float therapy is that you don’t have to be a high profile figure to benefit from a 60-minute float session. Floating in 10 inches of water saturated with 1,200 pounds of Epsom Salts has many health benefits including stress reduction, pain management, improved sleep quality, increased blood circulation and so much more.

As the Director of Franchise Development for True REST, I get to help entrepreneurs achieve their professional dreams of owning and operating a profitable business based on a proven and successful model.

Why I'm Passionate About Float Therapy

I’m a firm believer that you cannot be your best professionally if you are not at your best personally. As a former college athlete, I have learned how crucial an intentional health and wellness regimen are to success.  

Float therapy is the best holistic treatment with physical, mental and emotional benefits. The  fast-paced world today is full of distractions that impact our wellness. REST, which stands for Reduced Environmental Stimulus Therapy, works by severely minimizing the impact of external forces – including gravity – on your body and mind giving you time to reset and recharge.

True REST Float Spa is the fastest growing float therapy brand in the world. We are well on our way to serving over 1 million floats and transforming lives along the way.

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